Belonging | NAIDOC


A collaboration between KarlaCola and Aboriginal artist Amanda Westley. The theme for NAIDOC 2019 - Voice, Treaty, Truth.

PINK/RED design is called 'Thungarri Voices' - Thungarri means voice, words and language.

BLUE design is called 'Kondoli Whale' - Kondoli means whale as water is very important to Amanda, and whales are one of her totems.

Amanda's family, the McHughes family, is one of the oldest Aboriginal families here on the coast of South Australia. When Karla first saw Amanda’s work she was wowed by her use of colour and her style of art. 

This collection was inspired by Karla's younger sister @year.4.5.staying.alive, a teacher in South Australia, to create a dress especially for NAIDOC week and all the amazing individuals out there teaching Aboriginal studies. After Karla and Amanda started chatting about the collaboration and making plans, Amanda one day told Karla that her daughters teacher was in fact a customer of KarlaCola!! This just reconfirmed that this collaboration was meant to be.

Karla is a huge believer in destiny and in this huge world, Instagram connected her with this beautiful artist - Karla has to pinch herself that she's been lucky enough to use her work on our dresses. This art is truly special and we hope you feel as much love and respect for it as we do 💕 Love Karla and the team xx

To read more about Amanda please click here.


There are no discounts for this collection as we are making a charitable donation instead. Thank you for understanding.

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