Layby Hold Deposit for PLAYSUITS

Layby Hold Deposit for PLAYSUITS


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This is a non refundable hold deposit for our playsuit pre orders. 

When checking out please specify style and size in the comments box so we can remove your item from stock. We will them email you a unique code which can only be used by you, one time, for the playsuits. If you wish to hold both please check out for 2 hold payments of $50 each


Payment is due within 3 weeks or your code will be cancelled and stock will be returned to the store. To check out you will need to message us if your size / style is sold out via a instant message (website, DM or facebook ) and we will jump online and add stock for you. You can then proceed to check out as quickly as possible for your item so that others dont grab the stock before you. Alternatively we may choose to close the site for you for 5 minutes and issue a password so only you can jump online and check out. 


By checking out and agreeing to the terms and conditions at checkout you agree that you understand this deposit is non refundable.