RAINBOW Carousel Fringe Necklace
RAINBOW Carousel Fringe Necklace
RAINBOW Carousel Fringe Necklace
RAINBOW Carousel Fringe Necklace

RAINBOW Carousel Fringe Necklace

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Rainbow Lovers - this necklace matches our rainbow sundress and swing dress so perfectly we wanted to make sure you could purchase both from our site 
About the Carousel Fringe Necklace designed & crafted by Ruby Olive 
You deliberate at the rows of boiled lollies, and since can't choose just one, you have some of them all! Their sweet colours are mirrored in your multicoloured Sideshow Fringe Necklace. A handmade, multicoloured resin necklace, with an adjustable neck drop, so you can wear it many ways.

Neck drop: 43cm approx
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Ruby Olive products have been designed and handmade by clever artisans. They are certainly very hardwearing but you still need to look after your new little treasures. You may notice small inconsistencies in colour and shape between styles but we consider this to be part of their unique beauty. It's recommended that you keep your Ruby Olive products clean and dry particularly if wood as water, perfume, hair spray and moisturiser can sometimes cause them to discolour and rub off onto other fabrics. To bring your jewellery back to life you can use a small dab of natural bees wax or polish to buff wood items and a vegetable based oil for resin items.

We use metal components which are nickel free and we support environmentally sustainable wood and shell products.


Our resin products are all hand poured and hand made by specialist artisans making each piece unique. Resin is a beautiful material that is smooth, light and very wearable. Resin is very hard wearing (unless dropped onto a hard surface such as concrete) and is able to be easily polished up to look almost brand new.

Natural Materials

We aim to use sustainably sourced raw materials where possible and some of the raw materials we are proud to use in our designs include Coconut Shell, Recycled Floorboards and Recycled Wooden Builders Palettes.