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5 minute baked eggs

✖️FOOD✖️ does my life revolve around food? Why yes it does, thanks for noticing 😝. When I am not channeling my energy into creating clothing it’s directed into cooking. Since insta has made some really crappy changes that are affecting biz accounts I thought I would try something different for a post. This is what I call cheats baked eggs 🍳 it’s super fast and takes 5 minutes and is a usual breakfast or lunch for me. Recipe below.

In a small frypan add some olive oil and minced garlic, Fry garlic till fragrant then add one tin of finely chopped tomatoes or your favourite jar of pasta sauce. Cook for just a minute and then crack to eggs on top of the sauce (I like to make 2 wells with a spoon then crack)  and cover the frypan with a lid. Cook until eggs are cooked to you liking. Only takes a minute or two. Remove from heat and top with fresh herbs 🌿(i has oregano and basil and chives from my garden)  and / or chopped rocket for a extra healthy boost.