Customer Reviews and Feedback

We decided to create this page so that any customers (whether it be new or older repeat customers) can read what our lovely loyal customers say and advise on sizing and fit in regards to our dresses. So, please read below what some of our loyal customers are happy to share...


Name: Fran from @dreams.of.colour

Bust - 80cm
Waist - 63cm
Hip - 86cm
Arm circumference - 24cm

Height - 155cm

General Size: AU Size 6

Karlacola Size: XXS - XS

Favourite KarlaCola dress/garment and tell us about itHmmm, that's really hard as I love all the dresses!  I tend to gravitate towards the sundresses (usually sleeveless), shift dresses and more recently I've been loving the swing dresses! I love the high quality of the fabric used in all KarlaCola dresses.  They are all cotton with no nasty synthetics! I also love the trans-seasonal versatility of all the dresses. Easy to wear in summer and easy to layer up in winter!  Good all year round!

I of course love all the artist collaborations and the amazing prints and colour that come to life in the garments!! All prints are so unique and amazing!  I also love that matching accessories such as earrings and headbands.  I especially love that some of these accessories are collaborations with local Aussie makers. 

My only MINOR criticism is that the sizing can be on the large size. The swing dress is an example of this whereby the XS is too large for me and I end up having it altered so that it fits better (which I'm happy to do when I love the print).  Adding size XXS in the swing dress would be amazing for us smaller ladies!


Name: Erin

Bust - 122cm 
Waist - 128cm
Hip - 149cm 
Arm circumference - 47cm 
Height - 163cm 

General Size: 18-22

KarlaCola Size: XXL

Favourite KarlaCola dress/garment and tell us about itI wear an XXL cap sleeve sundress. Bust is not tight I even have a little room but not so much that its swimming on me. The scoop neckline is low but coves all my bits which is great for school. The best part is adding a long sleeve shirt under in winter so i can wear it all year long. 

Arms are not tight at all! This is the biggest problem for me when it comes to clothing but these are very comfortable for me. Skirt length is perfect for me, I always choose regular length due to my height and it sits at knee length. Dress is so roomy I never needed to measure my hips. 

Before ordering i checked with Karla via instant message, by comparing my bust size measurement with the website size guide. Karla was quick to get back to me and confirmed the size. Was too easy!  


Name: Sheridan

Bust - 99cm 
Arm circumference - 35cm 
Height - 175cm

General Size: 12-14

KarlaCola Size: L

Favourite KarlaCola dress/garment and tell us about itI’m so grateful to have had the Total Eclipse of the Art Relaxed dress during my pregnancy. Not only has it helped me stay comfortable as my belly has grown but has also made me feel beautiful (and like a human being) on the days when I just wasn’t feeling it. This one is definitely in heavy rotation in my wardrobe!

As a taller person, the length of this dress is actually perfect and the dropped waist and relaxed fit around the sleeve mean I can pop it on without fear of it busting at the seams. 



Name: Alana

Bust - 45cm (10C)
Waist - 90cm  
Arm circumference - 32cm 
Height - 163cm 

General Size: 10

KarlaCola Size: S or M

Favourite KarlaCola dress/garment and tell us about itI wear a medium in the shift dress and find it a really flattering fit on me. This is my favourite style as i can winterise it and it is also a great option for summer and the trans-seasonal months. I am regularly a standard size 10 Australian with a bit of a mum tum, bigger thighs and hips.

In the sundress and winter dress, I wear a size small and ask Karla to kindly take off around 7cm for me (short people life!). I normally ask Karla to take off 7cm off all my dresses except for the shift dresses. I like my dress to be just a little above the knee but not too short that if I bend over, that I get exposed!




Name: Kelly

Bust - 87cm
Waist - 75cm
Hips - 94cm 
Arm circumference - 27cm 
Height - 167cm 

General Size: 8/10

KarlaCola Size: XS or S

Favourite KarlaCola dress/garment and tell us about itI have a lot of KarlaCola in my wardrobe and cant fault any so its hard to decide which is my favourite, but i would have to say the reversible sleeveless sundress is my fav. Its a perfect dress for me with my busy running around bending over mum life!! In summer i wear it over swimmers day in day out and with the beautiful cotton its made from its very cooling. In winter its fab layered with my skivvy, tights and my good ol Converse :) I also love matching my dresses with the reverse side of the hair tie's for added oomph to my outfit.

The Tee dress is my second fav because of the amazing stretch fabric Karla uses, plus the elastic at the high waist makes me look thinner than i really am, so its a very flattering style on. And again, its a very trans-seasonal dress which can be worn as is in summer and layered in winter with a beautiful coat.


Name: Nicola


Bust - 101cm
Waist - 82cm
Hip - 101cm
Arm circumference - 30cm
Height - 168cm

General size: 12

KarlaCola size: L dress, S-M swing, 12 jumper

Favourite KarlaCola dress/garment: Feeling Cocky longer length sundress

Based on your favourite dress/garment, can you tell us about it? How does it fit etc? I adore this print. The moment I saw it I had to have it in as many versions as possible but the longer length is my fave - can be dressed up or worn with sneakers for weekend cas. Layer it for winter or as is for summer. I have a long torso so anything cinched or peplum generally doesn’t suit me but ALL dresses seem to suit everyone!! I live in Queensland so the light weight cotton is divine to wear. I cannot abide synthetic fabrics it’s just too smelly in our climate but that’s never been a prob with my KC gear.

Any other comments? The bow headband have been a game changer for me. I rarely have time or the inclination to style my hair but these look so elegant and sophisticated! Wear them 3 different ways and although I first thought them too girly, once I wore one I became devoted to them!!


Name: Teresa



Bust - 91cm
Waist - 72cm
Hip - 95cm
Arm circumference - 28cm
Height - 157cm

General size: 10

KarlaCola size:  XS swing dress

Favourite KarlaCola dress/garment: Swing dresses -  designed to fit well with lots of room. I'd describe as a very relaxed fit.

Based on your favourite dress/garment, can you tell us about it? How does it fit etc? Beautifully made, easy wash and wear materials. Colours don't fade if hung inside when drying. Great length for shorter people. Bright and uplifting colours that change your mood once your wearing an KarlaCola dress!


Name: Chanu from @chanuwick_wears



Bust - 102cm
Waist - 86 cm
Hip - 100cm
Arm circumference - 32cm
Height - 164cm

General size: AU14/16

KarlaCola size: L/XL

Favourite KarlaCola dress/garment: Too many to name one! I mostly prefer the shift dresses and sundresses with reversible neckline.

Based on your favourite dress/garment, can you tell us about it? How does it fit etc?
My Berry Nice dress with reversible neckline - L fits well on me but feel like it'll be comfier with a little bit more room for bust.

Any other comments about any other styles etc? Though I absolutely love the Swing dress L/XL sits too large and unflattering on me. I personally find myself fitted best for a size in-between sizes S/M and L/XL which isn't available (yet!). Hopefully Karla will introduce a size M/L in the future.