Facts | Terms and Conditions

  • I have used the size guide to help determine my size for clothing and read the turnaround times for my item - this is crucial when ordering a 'made to order dress', which is a dress that is handmade and made when you order it. A lot of our dresses have a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks wait time and by ticking this book you agree to this wait time.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PURCHASING ONE OF OUR MASKS - by checking this Terms and Conditions box, you have agreed that you have read our information about our masks on the mask product listing page. And as stated our masks are not medical grade masks and are not in any means classified as 'Personal Protective Equipment' (PPE).
  • We change our bias colours as often as we change our underwear, just kidding but we do change it often. Bias is dependant on availability as well as the mood we are in when choosing what colour we will use. Rest assured it will compliment your design perfectly. 

  • Occasionally we change the backing on our hair ties, usually because a fabric is sold out or becomes unavailable we may switch the backing, it will still compliment the main design perfectly so don't you worry. 

  • We do NOT do custom orders, please don't add any special request, items are described as is.

  • Just ordered something? Package arrived? Please do NOT use scissors or a knife to open your package and contact us saying you noticed a hole in your garment. Your garments are made to order. They are unrolled from a brand new roll of fabric that has passed quality control twice, cut and made to order and checked again when making and finally as packaged. Please don't try and contact us after cutting a hole in your garment. Just open your packages carefully because inside is something gorgeous and beautiful! 

  • Most of our items are handmade and made to order which is why we do not accept refunds. A lot of time goes into fulfilling an order and we are happy to exchange if need be, but we do ask that you check the size guide and ask questions if you are unsure before ordering. Absolutely NO refunds or cancellations so please choose carefully.

  • Exchanges - your exchanges are important to us but they do not get priority over others waiting for their orders. Exchanges are processed one day per week and then items are put back into production with our team of machinists (sewers). Please be patient, we will try our best to get your new better fitting garment back in the mail just as quickly as we can! We do not offer exchanges on any promotions where we offer free shipping and free hair accessory.

  • Express Post - choosing express post will not bump your order ahead of others, sorry about that but you will still have the same turnaround time as everyone else, however once your item is made it will ship and arrive faster - definitely worthwhile choosing this option, particularly during our busy times because getting our fabulous items faster is always a bonus.

  • We are a small company and we try our best to answer emails and messages in a timely matter. Sometimes we get many questions in one day and we need a little time to respond to everything while we are busy working hard on orders. So please bare with us if we take a few days to get back to you.

  • Sales from last chance are final - no refunds OR exchanges.

  • Our playsuits are made of an extremely delicate fabric. We chose this lightweight, soft, breathable cotton because its very suited to hot summer days. Due to it being lightweight, please do not tug or yank your playsuit on - being rough with this fabric could cause tearing. KarlaCola is not responsible for any tearing of fabric. 

  • Our hair ties have FREE SHIPPING, but this does not include tracking. Items shipped for free do not have tracking and we are not liable for missing items.

  • As stated on each individual earring product listing, we DO NOT accept exchanges for earrings, tights, lanyards. These items are non returnable for hygiene reasons or if you change your mind once item is purchased.
  • Have any more questions? Shoot us a message, we're always happy to chat!