Product Care

KarlaCola uses only the highest quality cotton fabrics. However, due to their delicate and digitally printed nature, garment care instructions must be followed.

Garments are digitally printed and therefor particularly intricate or delicate. We recommend hand washing only, with mild detergent, washed inside out as well as using cold water and hanging to dry out of direct sunlight. Do NOT use wash bags. Garments may be ironed on reverse side. Please note we wear our clothes on a daily basis, so they are washed and worn continuously and we know they stand the wash and wear test. We stand by our products but its important when washing digital prints that you follow our wash instructions.

With a 67% repeat customer rate, we know our customers are happy customers!!!

Dresses are usually made from 100% cotton. Our choice for cotton is a few reasons. It washes well, no pilling and no shrinking. It wears well, it irons well. Its also a great choice for the environment. We use our offcuts to make as many things as we possibly can so no wastage occurs, whats then left is 100% compostable. Do your part for slow sustainable fashion by caring for your garment and making it last for many years to come.