Customer reviews and feedback on Sizes and Fit

We decided to create this page so that any customers (whether it be new or older repeat customers!) can read what our lovely loyal customers say and advise on sizing and fit in regards to our dresses. So, please read below what some of our loyal customers are happy to share!!
Erin - SIZE XXL - This was my first and favourite purchase from KarlaCola. I wear an XXL cap sleeve sundress. I usually wear a 20-22 depending on the brand, my sizes with other brands is 18-22.

Erin's measurements are:
Bust - 122cm 
Waist - 128cm
Hip - 149cm 
Arm circumference - 47cm 
Height - 163cm 

Before ordering i checked with Karla via instant message, by comparing my bust size measurement with the website size guide. Karla was quick to get back to me and confirmed the size. Was too easy! 
KarlaCola asks 'How does the dress fit?' Bust is not tight I even have a little room but not so much that its swimming on me. The scoop neckline is low but coves all my bits which is great for school. The best part is adding a long sleeve shirt under in winter so i can wear it all year long. 
Arms are not tight at all! This is the biggest problem for me when it comes to clothing but these are very comfortable for me. Skirt, length is perfect for me, I always choose regular length due to my height and it sits at knee length. Dress is so roomy I never needed to measure my hips. 



Karla - the designer and owner of KarlaCola designs - I wear an XS in our brand, am a size 6 Australian, 0 in USA.

Karla's measurements are:
Bust - 84cm 
Waist - 73cm
Arm circumference - 28cm 
Height - 154cm
Weight - 53kgs