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Want FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING*, your dress dispatched the day after you've ordered it AND a bonus free twist headband? You've come to the right place.

On this page you will find the dresses KarlaCola has in stock that are ready to be shipped as soon as they are ordered, no waiting time at all!

Huge bonus if you're looking for something in a hurry!


Firstly, check the list below for your size and then what dresses are available in your size. Once you've chosen a dress from the list below in your correct size, head directly to the product listing for that particular dress (for example, if you are wanting the Medium Kondoli Shift dress from the list below, search for 'kondoli shift dress' to find that specific dress).

Add dress to cart and proceed to check out, including a note in your order that this is a 'Ready To Ship' dress. We will then refund your whole shipping cost (Australian customers the whole amount, international customers 50%) AND throw in a free twist headband!

If you have any questions or want to double check that we still have the dress in the list below, please just pop us a message. 

Listed below are the styles and sizes we have available on hand right now. If you don't know the style mentioned below, simply search it on our site and you will see exactly what style/pattern it is.

Please always check our size guide page if you are unsure of your sizing in KarlaCola dresses.



Green With Envy Shift


XSMALL (size 6)

Tutti Frutti Shift Dress 


SMALL (size 8-10)
Thungarri Shift Dress

Liars & Cheetahs Shift 


MEDIUM (sizes 10-12)

What The Bloom Shift 

Kondoli Shift Dress

Thungarri Shift Dress

Kondoli Sundress sleeveless 

Kondoli Tie Up Sundress

Thungarri Sundress  sleeveless 

Longer Length Thungarri Dress sleeveless


LARGE (sizes 12-14)

Green With Envy Shift

Protea Tie up Dress 

XLARGE (sizes 16-18)


Thungarri Shift Dress 

kondoli winter dress 



XXLARGE (sizes 20-22) 

You're So Tweet Relaxed Shift Grey 

XXL Relaxed Dress Wild Things Blue  

 Green With Envy Shift 


* Free Shipping for Australian residents, and half shipping cost for International residents. Your refund will be sent back to you at time of dispatch.